ZR-SAT Competition is a competition between Teams of High School Students to develop Scientific/Technological Experiments to be carried on in Zero Gravity and flown aboard either ISS or small satellites. Successful Teams need to master skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as show originality, innovative ideas and good communication to present their work. The ZR-SAT Competition consists of several successive phases, at national level and at each step only the best Teams are selected to enter the next phases. Juries, composed by eminent people in the science fields, make the selection and the winning Teams are awarded a prize.

NOTE: depending on the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic during spring 2021, the national final might be carried on online. In that case, the rules will be adapted accordingly and a new regulation will be produced and transmitted to the participants.

Special Rules for the Teams already participating in the 2019-20 Edition
Teams that were regularly registered and selected to continue to Phase II during the 2019-20 Edition are automatically entitled to continue into the 2019-20-21 merged edition.

In all cases, the old Teams go directly to the Deadline Submission Elevator Pitch II II.

Regolamento di gara – V6


Il modulo di iscrizione, debitamente compilato, deve essere inviato in formato excel a leonardo.reyneri@polito.it, claudio.passerone@polito.it, enrico.lorenzini@unipd.it entro il 18/01/2021.

Calendar 2020/21

School year 2019/20 School year 2020/21
Deadline for Registration Already done pre-lockdown January 18th, 2021
Deadline for Presentation Submission January 25th, 2021
Deadline Submission Elevator Pitch I February 22nd, 2021
Deadline Voting Phase I February 27th, 2021
Deadline Evaluation Phase I March 8th, 2021
Deadline Selection Phase I March 11th, 2021
Deadline Submission Elevator Pitch II April 19th, 2021
Deadline Voting Phase II April 24th, 2021
Deadline Evaluation Phase II May 4th, 2021
Deadline Selection Phase II May 6th, 2021
National Final Date Tentative date week May 17th to May 21th, 2021