• Author: Khan Sharjeel Hayat
  • Description:

    Data dissemination is the distribution or transmitting of statistical or other data to end users and is
    getting more and more importance as the technology is advancing day by day. There are many
    ways organizations use to release data to users. Although the most popular dissemination method
    today is the non-proprietary open systems using internet protocols but in order to protect our
    sovereignty and copyright of the data we will choose to disseminate data using proprietary way so
    that we can avoid unauthorized access to our systems.
    Idea is to provide a timed and secure access of resource applications of University nanosatellite
    ground station setup to end user so that he can make experiments and collect information from any
    location through internet. For this I have a secure online reservation system where user must
    reserve his timeslot to access the resource application and also I make sure that he cannot have
    access before or after the reserved timeslot. Setup includes a complete hardware system to control
    University Satellites to make experiments and collect related information.
    Although resource sharing through web is not a new concept but it’s not a simple resource sharing
    or information sharing I am providing a complete setup to user to perform experiments of his own
    choice on University nanosatellites connecting to ground station without making any destructions.

  • Year: 2016
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