• Author: Zoaib Aziz
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    In recent years, many industries and research institutes are trying to access the space. For this, rockets are always used to bring the satellite in the orbit of earth. This makes a lot of effort and tedious that leads to make a small satellite with same pitcher that easily launches in the space along with large number of other small satellites simultaneously. Their launching cost becomes economical when shared by different manufacturer and also affordable for universities and small companies. Secondly, the small satellites are going to decrease in weight, dimension and cost day by day but it increase the complexity of the system progressively. A continuing miniaturization of electronic components has played a major role to decrease the complexity of the system and create an innovation project that no one could ever think about it.
    The innovative project known as ‘AraMiS’ satellite is followed after many experiments and hard working done by many researchers. It is basically a nanosatellite whose weight is between 1 to 10kg. This design gives a low cost and high performance approach to the new world. The reason for high performance is that it has power management subsystem that attains the maximum solar power generated by solar cells. Different numbers of solar cells are used according to its application that should also meet the requirement of budget.
    Every satellite system must ensure the critical functions. In particular:
     Power Management System
     Position Control System
     Housekeeping Sensor
     Management and Analysis of Data Control in the satellite
     Telecommunication System
    In addition, the components of the satellite are affected by different noise frequency that is generated by internal and external sources. For the external noise, the structure is completely metallic body and it has a good shielding against electromagnetic emissions (EMI). For the internal noise, it creates interference between the various boards or within a same board. It is controllable when placing the appropriate positioning of ground planes of both Analog and Digital units.
    Before the end of the project, all the components of small satellite must be described in Visual Paradigm software. It makes for easily understanding and rapidity to define projects in a clear and efficient way. UML is used for the design and documentation of the AraMiS project. The functionality of each and every module of the project must be mentioned in UML.

  • Year: 2017
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