• Author: Jain Aakash
  • Description:

    The present report discusses the work carried out on the project “Development of the flight model of an
    inertial asset control system for ARAMIS satellite”. ARAMIS is the second satellite being developed at
    Politecnico di Torino after developing a satellite called PiCPoT (Piccolo Cubo del Politecnico di
    Torino) in July 2006, which had as its main purposes the test on the operation of commercial
    components (COTS) in space and the acquisition of images and spatial parameters. The present Satellite
    ARAMIS will be one step ahead of PiCPoT and the central concept kept in mind is to introduce the
    concept of modularity of the satellite which will significantly reduce costs of design and development of
    the satellites. Defining various standard modules which are compatible with each other and then
    assembling these modules in the quantities and manner required by the mission.

  • Year: 2009
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