• Author: Muluneh Hailu Heyi
  • Description:

    This paper explain about the work which I have done to test the peripheral drivers of MSP430 micro-
    controller families. The driver de ne all the operations and settings of MSP430F5xx, MSP430F4xx,
    MSP430FG41xx and MSP430F2xx families of microcontrollers. The drivers have been written in
    The test program used to test the driver unites by con guring and setting the microcontroller based
    on the operation and setting de ned in the drivers. When the microcontroller peripheral behave dif-
    ferently than expected after they are con gured with the existed drivers, I had to determine the fault
    code and modi ed the driver unit. For doing this I have to know about the structure and character-
    istics of MSP430 microcontroller.
    Microcontroller based applications are usually debugged with the assistance of In-circuit emulators
    and logic analyzers. However, these traditional debug tools represent a huge investment for use. The
    development of a new low-cost debug tool that uses functional test to implement the basic function-
    ality provided by an In-circuit emulator and a logic analyzer is a possible solution to overcome this
    economical problem.
    A test developed on the basis of the functional information about the module under test aims at
    testing the functions rather than the faults (black box testing).
    For developing the test the system use PC which used to run the software IAR Embedded Workbench
    Software and MSP-TS430PZ5x100 program development tool from Texas Instrument which allows
    programming and debugging of the microcontroller through JTAG interface. The system allows test-
    ing of the following peripheral drivers: Clock Generator, Timer, ADC, PWM, FLASH, CRC and
    USCI Modules (UART, SPI and I2C).
    This paper rst give a detailed introduction about the module and then it shows how to con gure
    the module and how the functional test is performed. Finally it conclude the by analyzing the result
    found from the test.

  • Year: 2014
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